Is This You?


We serve British expatriates living in America, specifically those who fit the following profile. Do you recognise yourself in this description?

  • British expat living in America (whether now a US citizen or still on a Green Card or Visa)
  • And one or more of the following applies:
    • You have a UK pension / QROPS / SIPP and you:
      • Desire to understand your pension options as a US resident 
      • Wish to have control and flexibility over your UK assets 
      • Want professional investment management by a US based firm with US-UK cross border expertise
    • You are starting to think about “What Next?” (e.g. retirement) and you are:
      • Uncertain about the true cost of retirement in the US
      • Unsure how Social Security, Medicare and Heath Insurance work 
      • Anxious about whether you can afford your US lifestyle when you stop working or transition to the next phase
    • You have $500k or more, whether in the US and/or the UK, and you:
      • Want professional, accountable investment management
      • Would like to work with a US based company who can manage assets located outside the US (as well as US portfolios)
      • Are keen to work with a firm who understands British expats, our unique circumstances and knows where the landmines are buried! 

If one or more of these speaks to you then we can help. We work with British expatriates living in America. It is our mission to know and understand the pitfalls and opportunities that can apply to you and how to plan and prepare for them.

Being British ourselves we know about UK assets, including UK pensions, and can help you understand your options and manage these pensions alongside your US assets.

We welcome you to reach out for a free consultation: +1 646 201 4865 /