Taylor & Taylor UK

Taylor & Taylor UK

The original T&T - Chris on the right and Ross on the left. T&T UK began life in 1993 in Bolton, where it still operates today. The business is in the process of being transitioned to Ross who made a career switch from EY, where he had qualified as a Chartered Accountant in their Tax Division, and joined Chris in 2016. 

Taylor & Taylor UK look after many of T&T USA's clients who returned to the UK, both unexpectedly and by design, and who frequently still have assets in the US (e.g. 401ks, IRAs etc.). Some go back as US citizens, which can expose to them a raft of consequences they are usually totally unaware of. 

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Important Note: Other than the family connection, Taylor & Taylor UK (T&T UK) and Taylor & Taylor USA (T&T USA) are completely separate entitles and there is no shared ownership between the two firms or their principles. T&T UK and T&T USA do not routinely refer leads or clients to each other, except in the infrequent occurrences of a T&T UK client expatriating to the USA or a T&T USA client returning to live in the UK.