US-UK Investment Management

US-UK Investment Management

We manage client assets in a variety of vehicles, both US and UK based, as part of their overall financial planning. This includes, but is not limited to ETFs and Mutual Funds held within: IRAs, ROTHs, QROPS, SIPPs, Trusts and standalone brokerage accounts.

Our philosophy is as follows:

We keep it simple; as simple as possible: asset allocation, not stock or sector selection, is the predominant driver of returns over the medium to long term; holdings and costs need to be kept to a minimum; wide, global diversification; mostly passive over active fund management, and annual rebalancing.

We see investor behaviour as a far bigger threat to long term performance that any market correction or economic recession. It's "time in the market" and not "market timing" that works. 

We believe - primarily because it is supported by rafters of empirical evidence -  that this is the best way to reduce risk and grow assets over the long term.

We do not recommend individual stocks and/or pretend that we can time the market by advising you exactly when to "buy in" or "get out". We don't try and pick winners or outperform the market because essentially this isn't consistently possible.

Our fundamental objective is to get you to where you want to be with as little risk - and stress - as possible involved on that journey. 

How We Charge

We charge clients an agreed ongoing Total Wealth Management fee that includes all aspects of Investment Management and Life-Centered Financial Planning. More details on our fees can be found in our Form ADV Part 2A Disclosures.

We do not earn any fees other than those explicitly agreed with you upfront. No one pays us but you, and you will be made aware of any and every fee you pay us before you pay a penny.