UK Pensions / SIPPS / QROPS

UK Pensions / SIPPS / QROPS

We are a comprehensive Life-Centered Planning firm who specialise in British expatriates living in America and regularly advise on UK pensions as part of the wider financial planning process. Due to the clients we serve, many of whom have pension assets in the UK, we have the technical expertise and the ability to advise upon and manage UK pensions, SIPPs, QROPS etc.

Your UK pension does not exist in a vacuum and it should not be advised upon in isolation

We have written a series of posts to help British expats living in America to understand their situation and options for their UK pensions. Please follow this link to: Considering a UK Pension Transfer? This is for You. 

If you would like to know more on this topic - your options, the things you should be taking into consideration and, for anyone with a Final Salary pensions, an explanation of why transfer values are currently so high, please request our free guide on the subject A Financial Guide - UK Pensions as a US Residents

Furthermore, if you have previously transferred your UK pension(s) into a QROPS or SIPP and would like to know more about our approach, please request our free guide QROPS in the USA - Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

How We Charge

We charge clients an initial fee for UK pension advice that results in the transfer of a UK pension. The size of the fee varies according to the size, complexity and type of the pension(s) involved. More details on our fees can be found in our Form ADV Part 2A Disclosures.

We do not earn any fees other than those explicitly agreed with you upfront. No one pays us but you, and you will be made aware of any and every fee you pay us before you pay a penny.