Our Story

The story of T&T USA really begins in 1977 when Chris (in the picture in 1977) joined Hambro Life as a Trainee Financial Advisor in Bolton. Fast forward sixteen years to 1993 and Taylor and Taylor Financial Services was first born, also in Bolton, serving Chris' predominantly locally based clients. Twenty four years later, with Chris still advising many of his original clients, and Taylor & Taylor UK is thriving and preparing for the next generation to take the reins.

In 2007 Richard (eldest son) entered the industry and started on his own journey as a Financial Planner - initially in the UK, before moving abroad in 2011 and then finally settling in the US in 2015.

Meanwhile, in 2016 Ross (younger son) left Ernst & Young, where he had qualified as a Chartered Accountant, to join Chris with a view to eventually taking on the day to day management of Taylor & Taylor UK. 

If you are a British expatriate in America and you are looking for a partner in building wealth and security from a firm dedicated to knowing and understanding you and your unique situation, then please give us a call, drop us an email or book yourself a consultation.