Final Salary Webinar

Frozen UK Final Salary or Defined Benefit pension? 


Understand your options.



Final Salary / Defined Benefit pensions provide you with a guaranteed and inflation-proofed income. Whilst they are simple and secure, they can also be inflexible.


But you have options.


Transferring your pension offers numerous benefits, from flexible withdrawals and beneficiary options to the potential for early retirement. However, giving up a guaranteed income isn’t a decision which should be taken lightly. We are experts in Final Salary / Defined Benefit pensions and we recorded this webinar to answer your questions.


In this 20 minute pre-recorded webinar you will learn about:


Defined Benefit and Final Salary Pensions - your current position

CETV Calculations; what are they and why are they important

Why you might and why you wouldn't transfer

SIPPs (Self-Invested Personal Pensions)

The pension transfer process

T&T USA - what we do and who we do it for

Q&A Session