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by Richard Taylor on Jul 17, 2020

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Currency, and more specifically GBP Vs USD, is a big topic for our clients. The days of 2:1 (GBP:USD) look a distant memory and following the Brexit decision the majority of people we speak to have a reluctance to move money to USD. Here Richard discusses the currency pairing broadly and the factors affecting the relative GBP weakness and USD strength. We cannot predict the future but here's our interpretation of the pairing and whether this is the new normal?

Video: 5 Common Mistakes Brits Make When Living in USA

by Thomas Quinn on Jul 16, 2020

Financial Planning

We speak to Brits living across the US each day at Taylor & Taylor USA. Here Thomas lists the 5 mistakes we hear most. If you live UK and now reside in the US, there are a number of nuances and specific challenges you face in light of having pensions, property, passports from two countries. Unfortunately, you're not given a guide at the border as to what to look out for, but these are the most common mistakes we hear and our thoughts on these.

Video: Taylor & Taylor Investment Philosophy - The 3 Pillars

by Richard Taylor on Jun 16, 2020

Financial Planning, The Economy Stock Markets & Investing

Here Richard, CEO discusses the company investment philosophy and the 3 pillars at its core.

What you hear in the video has been central to a number of calls at T&T in the past 12 weeks. Rightly so clients and prospects alike want to understand what we're doing at this time and the merits behind how we manage their money.



Video: Do Not Review Your Investments

by Thomas Quinn on Jun 1, 2020

Financial Planning, Stock Markets & Investing

If you're aged between 45-65 then this 2-minute video is for you.

February and March were tough months to sit idly whilst your 401k / UK Pension / QROPS felt the effects of the global sell-off. At that time an adviser worth their salt should have told you to stay the course and stick to your investment plan.

However, there is something you can do, and Tom explains 3 benefits of doing so.

T&T USA: Delivering Better Outcomes For Clients

by Richard Taylor on Dec 20, 2019

Financial Planning

Reading Time: c.4 mins

What does T&T USA really do for clients? Why do people hire us?  It all comes down to this: Our clients achieve better outcomes as a direct result of working with us.  Now, this can be across a huge range of outcomes, both qualitative and quantitative, and will be different from client to client.  For some clients this might be peace of mind that they are working with an advisory firm who specialises in British expats and can help them avoid some of the potential pitfalls.    

Who Approaches T&T USA and Why

by Richard Taylor on Dec 20, 2019

Financial Planning

Reading Time: c.4 mins

British expats living in America approach us for one – sometimes both – of the following reasons: You are trying to research your options for what do with your UK pension(s) as a US resident. If that is the case, head over to – Considering a UK Pension Transfer? This is for You – where you will find a wealth of useful information.  You are age 50+  and starting to think about what retirement might look like and what steps you need to take to get there.

T&T USA: Integrated Life, Financial and Investment Planning for British Expats Living in America

by Richard Taylor on Oct 31, 2019

Financial Planning

Reading Time: c.7 mins

T&T USA is first and foremost a financial planning firm. Because we specialize in British expats we do a lot of work around UK pensions / SIPPS / QROPS, but this is only a part of what we do, and pension planning – UK & US – is only a part of the overall financial planning jigsaw we work with clients to piece together.  

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