T&T USA: Delivering Better Outcomes For Clients

T&T USA: Delivering Better Outcomes For Clients

by Richard Taylor on Dec 20, 2019

Financial Planning

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What does T&T USA really do for clients? Why do people hire us? 

It all comes down to this:

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve better outcomes as a direct result of working with us. 

Now, this can be across a huge range of outcomes, both qualitative and quantitative, and will be different from client to client. 

For some clients this might be peace of mind that they are working with an advisory firm who specialises in British expats and can help them avoid some of the potential pitfalls. 

For others it might be the likelihood of better investment returns – something we strive for but do not guarantee (we promise prudence, not performance) – as a result of having professionally managed portfolios. 

For clients who engage with us for planning we bring clarity, confidence and peace of mind to the table. This could be helping a client decide to delay retirement a few years so they decreased chance of running out of money. Or, preferably, it could be demonstrating to someone that they can retire when they want, or maybe even earlier than they expected. These outcomes can be lifechanging, most obviously to our clients but also their wider families.  

The following is a list of all the outcomes we can influence and we have broken it down into three categories: Preserving & Growing Wealth, Learning & Empowerment, and Making Your Life Easier. We are not saying we deliver these to every client. Every family we work with is unique with their own goals and objectives, as well as challenges and accomplishments.

Preserving & Growing Wealth

  • Low cost, tax-efficient investment strategies paired with ongoing investment management
  • Investment risk reduction via diversification & rebalancing
  • Maximize social security benefits & coordinate with UK state pension
  • Tax savings & mitigation via 
    • Tax planning
    • Smart allocation of assets between taxable and retirement accounts  
    • Guidance on which assets to tap for withdrawals
  • Possible early retirement and/or flexibility to only work if you choose.
  • Confidence that you can maintain your quality of life in retirement
  • Security that you will have enough money to fund your retirement
  • Increased capacity to invest in and support family, hobbies and charitable causes

Learning & Empowerment

  • Ensure things get done!
  • Clarity on financial future through creating a plan
  • Financial action checklists and follow-up
  • No questions are off-limits
  • Client education during each appointment
  • Track progress towards goals
  • Peace of mind that you are financially organized.
  • Less time worrying about money and more time enjoying life.
  • Gain understanding and plan for expected healthcare expenses in retirement

Making Your Life Easier

  • Coordinate multiple advisors (e.g. CPA, Attorney)
  • Receive assistance with tax reporting & any tax issues
  • Maintain backups of important documents
  • Find solutions to financial problems as they come up
  • Receive reminders on important dates such as required distributions and taxable events.
  • Single point of contact for all financial concerns
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Coordinate issues with family, as requested
  • Organize and maintain visibility of assets and liabilities (or investments) via T&T’s online client portal

And sometimes it’s as simple as Brits just like dealing with fellow Brits.

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