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Taylor & Taylor Investment Philosophy - The 3 Pillars

by Richard Taylor on Jun 16, 2020

Financial Planning, The Economy Stock Markets & Investing

Here Richard, CEO discusses the company investment philosophy and the 3 pillars at its core.

What you hear in the video has been central to a number of calls at T&T in the past 12 weeks. Rightly so clients and prospects alike want to understand what we're doing at this time and the merits behind how we manage their money.



Do Not Review Your Investments

by Richard Taylor on Jun 1, 2020

Financial Planning, Stock Markets & Investing

If you're aged between 45-65 then this 2-minute video is for you.

February and March were tough months to sit idly whilst your 401k / UK Pension / QROPS felt the effects of the global sell-off. At that time an adviser worth their salt should have told you to stay the course and stick to your investment plan.

However, there is something you can do, and Tom explains 3 benefits of doing so.

Substance Over Stories

by Richard Taylor on May 21, 2020

Can you pick the winning stocks in this market?

This week our CEO discusses how investments can often have a compelling story behind them, but should they be believed? Richard draws on his own experiences and discusses what he's seen happen over the years with funds selling out-performance.

Brexit Update: We're Out, Aren't We?

by Thomas Quinn on Feb 25, 2020

The Economy Stock Markets & Investing

Reading Time: c.4 mins

So, it finally happened – the UK officially left the EU last month.This surely means the worst is behind us and we can crack on with the rest of our lives, right?!? Not exactly. In our opinion, all that has changed is that we know with certainty that Brexit is going to happen. And if Boris Johnson sticks to his election pledge, then December 31st 2020 will be the exit date and crunch time for the future UK/EU relationship. 

T&T Annual Market Review - 2019

by Thomas Quinn on Jan 21, 2020

The Economy Stock Markets & Investing

Reading Time: c.7 mins

What were the news cycles - and the themes driving the market - in 2019? As I write this I struggle to  recall all the stories; the front-pages; the soundbite headlines that hourly came vibrating through my phone. As each market or political commentator reacted in (usually) faux awe and astonishment to that minute’s news cycle ‘breaking news’, I remember a blur of scandal, geopolitical woes, trade tensions, hurricanes, a blazing Notre-Dame and a Greta Thunberg.    

How the SECURE Act Will Impact You and Your Retirement - Guest Blog

by Richard Taylor on Jan 10, 2020

Reading Time: c.3 mins

This guest blog has been written by James Cassidy, CPA, International Tax Consultant at Shulman Lobel (who is also the author of: Reporting Your UK Pension / QROPS and Non-U.S. Assets). As an early holiday gift, on December 19, the Senate passed the “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement” Act (“SECURE Act” or “Act”), which was signed into law by the President on December 20. The SECURE Act expands opportunities for individuals to increase their savings and makes administrative simplifications to the retirement system.    

T&T USA: Delivering Better Outcomes For Clients

by Richard Taylor on Dec 20, 2019

Financial Planning

Reading Time: c.4 mins

What does T&T USA really do for clients? Why do people hire us?  It all comes down to this: Our clients achieve better outcomes as a direct result of working with us.  Now, this can be across a huge range of outcomes, both qualitative and quantitative, and will be different from client to client.  For some clients this might be peace of mind that they are working with an advisory firm who specialises in British expats and can help them avoid some of the potential pitfalls.